furniture pickup questionsCan I pick up merchandise if I do not want it delivered?

  • Yes. As long as your merchandise is in stock, you are able to pick it up from your local store.

What do I need to bring to pick up my furniture?

  • You will need a copy of your sales receipt and a valid photo ID

Do you tie down and secure my furniture when I pick it up?

  • Yes, our warehouse team is trained to tie down and secure furniture to your vehicle.

Do you inspect my furniture before you load it?

  • Unless instructed by the customer, Bob Mills Furniture does not inspect furniture that is picked up from our warehouses.

What do I do if there is damage when I get my furniture home?

  • Simply call the Solution Center at 405-947-6500. They will ask for photos of the damage and review to determine if your merchandise is eligible for an exchange. If eligible for an exchange, the merchandise must be returned by the consumer for exchange to your local Bob Mills Furniture Store.

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