What is my Manufacturer Warranty?

  • The majority of all furniture items sold at Bob Mills Furniture carry a 1 year manufacturer's defect warranty. Your warranty may vary in length depending on the manufacturer of your items. For specific warranty details refer to the manufacturer's site or contact Bob Mills Furniture Solution Center.

What does “lifetime” mean on my warranty?

  • Lifetime warranties cover the lifetime of the furniture for the original purchaser. Lifetime of furniture is determined by state law. 5-7 years is standard for a lifetime furniture warranty.

What is the difference between my manufacture warranty and the protection plan I purchased?

  • Your protection plan covers accidental occurrences and is not an extension of the manufacturer warranty. Your manufacturer warranty covers manufacturer defects.

What do I do if I discover an issue with my furniture?

  • Contact the Solution Center at 405-947-6500 to reach a specialist.

Why did my furniture break?

  • We sell all of our furniture with the expectation that it will function correctly according to how the manufacturer intended. With the understanding that all of our furniture is manmade, we buy furniture from some of the top manufacturers who provide some of the best warranties in the industry. These warranties are designed to protect the consumer if any issues should arise from the production process.

Why can’t I get a new piece of furniture if I have an issue instead of it being repaired?

  • Your warranty is designed to repair any manufacturing issue. The manufacturer does not offer a replacement option.

What do I do if my furniture needs to be brought in shop?

  • If you originally paid for delivery, our delivery team will pick up your merchandise within the first year of purchase for an in shop repair. If you picked up, you can either drop off at our warehouse or pay a delivery fee for the merchandise to be picked up and redelivered.

What do I do if my furniture is out of warranty?

  • Bob Mills Furniture is happy to help facilitate an out of warranty claim at a charge. Labor and parts are all subject to a charge.

Does my furniture from the End Zone (AS-IS) come with a warranty?

  • Our As-Is merchandise is sold at deep discounts and does not qualify for return, exchange, or service.

What do I do if I have moved out of your service area and I need a repair?

  • Please contact the Bob Mills Furniture Solution Center and we will be happy to look into service options for your area or get you in contact with the manufacturer for further assistance.

Do I have to wait for parts?

  • Some parts may be readily available from our manufacturers. Other parts come from overseas manufacturing companies and ship on freight containers which can extend the shipping process. Keep in mind if you made a special order purchase, parts may need to be made specifically for your parts order and then shipped to our distribution center.

What happens if my furniture cannot be repaired?

  • The manufacturer will determine the next course of action if your furniture cannot be repaired.

Do you sell extended warranties?

  • Bob Mills Furniture only offers a 10 year extended warranty on our M.O.O.D.™ Base and an accidental protection plan called SmartBuy® .

Do you offer “loaner” furniture if my item needs to be brought in shop?

  • Loaner furniture is not offered while merchandise is being repaired.

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