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The Fortiva finance plan is line of credit that works similar to a credit card. A credit card will not be issued to the customer. Customers can use their available credit to make additional purchases in participating locations. Credit limit increases are not available.


Customers make all payments directly to Fortiva. Customers are mailed a Fortiva statement each month.

  • The 1st statement should be received within 10 business days of delivery and 1st payment due approximately 30 days later.
  • Payment due dates are automatically assigned after the account is opened, are due on the same day of the month, and communicated to the customer in their monthly billing statement.


What is the interest rate?

  • “Fortiva offers financing with fixed interest rates as low as 29.9%.”

Is there a promotional period? If so, when does it begin & end?

  • Deferred Interest Plans: “Yes, you receive 6 or 12 month’s deferred interest each time you finance a purchase through Fortiva which begins once you receive your merchandise. The monthly statements you receive in the mail will provide you the deferred interest begin & end date.”

Will this rate change for any reason?

  • “No, Fortiva offers fixed interest rate plans.”

Can you offer any suggestions on how to avoid or minimize paying interest/extra?

  • No Deferred Interest Plans: “To avoid paying any interest you can pay the financed amount in full on or before your first payment is due. There are no prepayment penalties so you can pay more than what is required over time & payoff your purchase early reducing what you would pay in interest.”
  • Deferred Interest Plans: “With the Deferred Interest plan you can pay no interest on your purchases when you pay in full within the promotional period, you do not make a late payment, and you make your minimum payment on time each month. If the promotional period expires before you pay your purchase in full, you can always pay more than the minimum due which can reduce the total interest paid over time.”

What will I have to pay monthly? 

  • “Fortiva offers financing plans that allow you to pay as little as 5.59% of the amount financed monthly.” 

Who do I make payments to? 

  • “All payments need to be made to the finance company, Fortiva. Once we have completed the process in the system, you will receive emails directly from Fortiva providing you with their contact information. You will also receive a monthly statement from them in the mail.” 

When is my 1st payment due? 

  • “Your first payment will be due approximately 30 days from the date you receive your merchandise.” 

When will my payment be due going forward? 

  • “Payments are due on the same day of the month, each month and will not change. Once you receive your merchandise, Fortiva will begin sending you a monthly statement in the mail letting you know your payment due date and other important information about your account.” 

Can I change when my payment is due? 

  • “Yes, please contact Fortiva directly so they can assist you with changing when your payment is due.” 

How long will I be paying for this? 

  • “Fortiva has financing plans available that allows you to finance your purchase over 2 years or less…providing you with a manageable monthly payment that can fit your budget. You also won’t be penalized for paying your financed purchase in full early.” 

Are there any fees? 

  • “There is a $15.00 late payment fee, a $20.00 non-sufficient funds fee. Depending on the offer in which you are approved for, an annual fee may or may not apply.” 

When will I be billed the annual fee? 

  • “The annual fee will be billed on your first statement and each year annually thereafter.” 

Does Fortiva offer credit line increases? 

  • “Currently, Fortiva does not offer credit line increases.” 

Do you issue a Fortiva card? 

  • “Currently, Fortiva does not issue a store card but you can easily use your account to finance additional purchases in our store.”

*Call 1-866-290-2835 for questions related to the application process, terms of financing or the Fortiva finance program.

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