Common Question After Purchasing a Mattress from Bob Mills Sleep Spa

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Bob Mills Furniture does not offer a return policy on bedding. Bob Mills Furniture is proud to offer 90-Nites of Nitey-Nites. With the purchase of a proper pillow and mattress protector, the purchaser has the opportunity to try their mattress up to 90 nights. If you feel you made a mistake, and your mattress does qualify under the exchange standards, you will be authorized a 1 time reselection with 90% credit toward a mattress of equal or greater value.

Why do I need to take pictures of my mattress for a warranty claim?

The manufacturer requires photo documentation of impression measurements and to ensure your mattress is free of rips, tears, stains, and burns.

Why was my warranty claim denied?

There are certain criteria which must be met before a warranty claim is approved. There must be evidence of the warranty's minimum impression. Warranty claims can be denied if there is any evidence of a rips, tears, stains, or burns. This voids the manufacturer warranty.

Why does my mattress feel different from the one in the store?

Floor model mattresses have been tested by numerous users daily, which will affect the way a new mattress will feel to you. New mattresses need time to conform to the user. We recommend allowing your mattress 21-28 days to conform to your shape.

Why does my new mattress have a chemical odor?

Many of our mattresses are constructed straight from the manufacturer and immediately placed in plastic wrapping. The foam that is used in the manufacturing process can produce off-gassing but this should dissipate within a week.

What do I do if I think I received the wrong mattress?

Please contact the Solution Center at 405-947-6500

Why is the name on my mattress different than the name on the tag?

We will sometimes rename our mattresses to names that fit in more closely with the Bob Mills Furniture brand.

Can I remove the law tag on my mattress?

We recommend you to do not remove your mattress law tag. Please retain their mattress tag, as it includes important warranty information and is required if a claim is necessary.

Do I need to rotate my mattress?

Most mattresses do need to be rotated. Please contact your sales associate for more details.

What does “My Side” technology mean?

"My Side" technology by Sleep To Live combines state-of-the-art materials with the latest scientific findings to deliver ideal support and pressure so you and your partner can sleep comfortably.

Why is it important to have a proper foundation under my mattress?

This ensures that your mattress is living up to its full potential to allow for maximum comfort and to prevent any sagging.

Why do I need to give my mattress “time” to conform to my body?

Much like a new pair of shoes your mattress needs at leas 21-28 days to conform to the user.

Does my mattress I purchased out of the End Zone come with a warranty?

No. Mattresses out of the End Zone are usually sold at deep discounts and considered As-Is. As-Is merchandise does not carry a manufacturer warranty.

What constitutes a manufacture defect on a mattress?

Large bulging of side walls or body impressions which meet the impression minimums which the manufacturer has put in place for their mattresses.

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