I need help syncing my base, what can I do?

Our M.O.O.D.™ Base manufacturers are happy to walk you through the syncing process! You can reach to them on the phone number provided on your manual.  You can also reach out to our Solution Center at 405-546-2060 and they can provide you with the appropriate phone number for your particular base.

What is the difference between the M.O.O.D.™ Base Manufacturer warranty and the Extended Power Base Coverage?

Your Base comes with a warranty from the manufacturer which covers issues from the manufacturing process. Bob Mills Furniture is proud to offer extended coverage on your M.O.O.D.™ Base for 7-10 years (depending on date of purchase-please see receipt for details).

Why doesn't my mattress bend completely while in operation with my M.O.O.D.™ Base?

As our mattresses are constructed with high quality mattress materials (including foam and various coils), your mattress will not completely conform to your base while in operation. This is normal in order for the mattress to maintain its shape and functionality. Your base is designed for the user to be placed on the mattress and base for easy operation. 

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