To sync the remote to the base

Underneath the base on the control box there is a red reset button and a black button that will say ‘Synchro Cntrl’ above it. Push the black button and hold until the light comes on and then shuts off. At that time, simultaneously press the ‘Head Up’ and ‘Foot Up’ buttons. (top row of remote…left and middle buttons) Once the backlight on the remote starts to blink, let go of the buttons so the control box and remote can ‘talk to each other’. Once the blinking has stopped, press any button to activate a function.

If this does not work, try to re-sync by adjusting the frequency on the remote.

To adjust the frequency

Remove the back cover and above the batteries is a yellow sticker. Remove the sticker and you will see ‘dip switches’. Change the setting(s). You do not have to change all if you do not wish. Try syncing the remote per the above instructions. If it does not work, change the frequency again. Try a few times if it will not sync right away.

If neither of these work, please call 855-581-3095.

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