In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, Franklin will soon be announcing a recall of certain switches on their power reclining furniture. 

Our records indicate that you own one or more pieces of Franklin power reclining furniture.We recently learned that a component in the switch that controls the movement of the furniture can overheat under certain circumstances.When it does become overheated, it can pose a risk of fire or smoke.We asked you to unplug the chair until the manufacturer could arrange to send you a free replacement switch to install on your reclining furniture.The purpose of this letter is to tell you how you can obtain a free replacement switch(s).

Two types of switches were delivered to customers in this time period.It is possible that your furniture is unaffected by this switch recall.The affected switch is rectangular in shape.Please see the pictures below to verify which type of switch you have.If your switch is rectangular your switch unit is being recalled and you must obtain a replacement switch before plugging your furniture back in.

If your switch is oval, you are NOT affected.You can plug back in your furniture and continue to use it.If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Franklin customer service representatives at 866-551-2706.

This is a picture of the rectangular switch.The issue was isolated to this switch, and not all power units.This switch has been recalled and will need to be replaced

photo 2 (2).JPG 

This is a picture of the oval switch. This switch has been deemed safe and no issues have been reported.

photo 1 (4).JPG

In order to obtain a free replacement switch, please follow these instructions. 

  • Look at the label(s) under the footrest(s) of your Franklin power reclining furniture (see image below) and copy down the Style number(s) and Basic Change (BC) number(s) if applicable along with the Ship Period.Then call Franklin directly at 866-551-2706 or register online at by clicking the "Power Switch Recall" link.

  • Their representative will take down (1) the Style number(s) and the BC number(s) if applicable and the Ship Period; (2) the quantity of switches you require; and (3) your preferred mailing address.Franklin will then send you free replacement switch(s) with instructions on how to install it/them.

  • Also enclosed will be a postage prepaid mailer for you to return to Franklin the original switch that you removed. It is critical that the original switch be returned so that Franklin can report accurately to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission the number of switches that have been corrected each month.

If you have any questions regarding switch installation, please view the video that has been posted on the Franklin website at by clicking on the "Switch Replacement Demonstration Video" link or contact Franklin customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you. That number is 866-551-2706.

We regret any inconvenience caused by this recall. However your safety and the safety of your family is always of paramount importance to us.Thank you in advance for your prompt response and cooperation in this matter.

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