regional management finance

When Additional Financing Flexibility May Be Needed

RMC is an excellent option for financing consideration for those that have had some recent credit issues but still maintain a good history. Some elements of consideration and approval are as follows:

  • RMC is a company in the secondary financing industry.
  • RMC offers additional lending options to furniture buyer who does not have access to prime financing.
  • RMC requires in-state, DMV issued ID with an address that matches the delivery address.
  • The three personal references
  • Reports to Equifax and TransUnion
  • There is no “minimum score” required. Requires that the borrower have some good credit in their credit history reporting to the credit bureau. Underwriters will always look for a way to approve a customer.
  • Over 300 Regional Finance branch offices provide a local touch.
  • Fixed rate, simple interest installment contracts let you know exactly what to pay and when.

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